Adding more favourites makes other hearts disappear on Deezer Android app

  • 3 April 2021
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Hi all. Hi @Rudi .

Been searching, but did not quite find what I am experiencing with the Android app. (*)


My App and Android versions:


The thing is this: 

#1 . While in the discography listing of an artist: Adding a new favourite by pressing the 'heart' symbol raises a short message about 'null' being added, afterwards all previously visible hearts (i.e. marked in red) are not marked in red anymore.

Video Screen capture: (expires 10.Apr'21)

#2 . When changing from discography listing into one album and adding it to favorites by pressing the heart symbol there, it gives 'album title' added successfully, however afterwards when going back to the discography overview listing, again the previously red hearts are grey incl. for the album just been added and for some reason only one random red heart remains in red in the listing.

Video Screen capture: (expires 10.Apr'21)


Finally, .. after restarting the whole app, in the discography listing all hearts are displayed in red again incl. the new one added as per #1 or #2 above.


So this shows that the feature of adding favourites by pressing the heart symbol seems to work, however presumably refreshing the screen/list after such action is somehow broken and not being able to reuse anymore some internal memory list of favorites when drawing/rendering that discography overview.

This requires Deezer Devs analysing a bit further 🤓



All this is going on since quite some time now and really makes it hard to see, after a new album was favoured, which other albums are not yet marked as favorites yet. See (**) why this is useful/important for me :)


Is my description clear enough ? I am also adding some links to screen capture videos as well, showing what I tried to describe. Note: In those videos, you'll notice slight indications (almost like a flicker), showing where the screen was touched.


Any idea when this GUI refresh issue can get resolved ?


Thanks!! .. and I really like the Deezer service, hats off, keep on going ! 😃

Cheers Bjoern


(*) the closest I found are these two threads, but this does not fit exactly the documented issue above. I have not further checked whether the overall count of my favourites varies ..  I am more concerned about needing to restart the app in order to see my previously "hearted" items again the overview of discography of an artist.


(**) Listening to a lot of audio books and apparently there is a feature missing for marking one episode as 'finished listening', and therefore using the heart symbol as a replacement for marking which ep. is already finished. This screws up Deezer flow (based on favourites), but at least we have an overview of finished episodes of an audio book series 👌🏻

3 replies

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Hey @Bjatner26a 

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. Super useful!

Before I pass it on to our devs, I must ask you how many favourite tracks you've got at the moment?

Additionally, we're looking into a current issue affecting some favourites so our future releases could help solving the situation for you :relaxed:

And yes, your descriptions were amazing! You may want to use Imgur for future recordings because of the expiry date on the links above :thumbsup_tone2:

@Rudi Hi

Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully the root cause for this topic can be found. :)

Here's the current number of favourites:

However, we are using a family account... So maybe the count of favs on the other 5 accounts do count into the overall sum as well (by mistake?).…


I also converted the two videos into GIF Files, and share them here once more :)





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Our developers also got back to me about the feedback you presented here @Bjatner26a 

They've confirmed that improvements to the discography page are ongoing and we should see some of those by the end of this Summer, if everything goes as planned :relaxed:

Thank you again and make sure to keep the app updated!